Der Greif is run by a team of artists, photographers and cultural entrepreneurs.
Tina Horn, Julia Leinweber, Matthias Lohscheidt, Leon Kirchlechner, Gita Cooper-van Ingen, Susann Kühn, Sebastian Knittel, Claudio Ricci, Simon Karlstetter

Simon Karlstetter Founder & Artistic Director
Gita Cooper-van Ingen Creative Director, Specials Editor

Leon Kirchlechner Artistic Director Print
Claudio Ricci Business Director

Julia Leinweber Fundraising, Sponsoring
Susann Kühn Registrar, Distribution

Matthias Lohscheidt Technical Director

Sebastian Knittel Social Media & Content
Tina Horn Social Media & Content Manager

Andreas Bülhoff Poetry Editor Issues 7-10

The team also gives workshops and lectures about approaches to curating, editing and working between digital and analog worlds. For inquiries concerning workshops and lectures, please use the Contact Form.