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Every week an artist whose single image was published by Der Greif is given a platform in which to blog about contemporary photography.
Apr 12, 2021 - Samuel Solazzo

Samuel Solazzo — Touching

The past year has been a very rough one, for some more than for others. It has made many pre-existing deplorable conditions even more visible and has shown us, where we may lack empathy and compass...

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Apr 09, 2021 - Samuel Solazzo

Samuel Solazzo — KORRELATIONEN

Apr 02, 2021 - Oktawian Jurczykowski

Red has a dark value on black and white photos

Apr 01, 2021 - Oktawian Jurczykowski

So finally it is the right time to relax!

Mar 31, 2021 - Michael Swann

An Endlessly Rising Canon

Mar 30, 2021 - Michael Swann

I’ve Built My Nest High In Our Oak

Mar 29, 2021 - Michael Swann

The Tree Perceived