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Not the given, but the possible

Mar 15, 2019 - Douglas Mandry

«The abstract photograph signifies not the given but the possible. And in an image-choked world, perhaps it signifies a necessary antidote to a growing numbness, an image-blindness.»
Lyle Rexer, «The edge of vision: rise of abstraction in photography», Aperture, 2009


How to represent a century of decay within one photograph?
How close can I bring melting ice to photosensitive paper?
Is paper the only solution to show a photogram?
How to carry the ice?
Can I fix the process into a definitive state,

which would recall to its original transitory state?
Can you see the back and the front of a photograph, all at once?
How do I hang the pictures if there is no front and no back?
Is the title self-explanatory? Or too descriptive?

Etc. etc. until the opening of the exhibition (often even after).