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Equivalences – a photograph of a photograph

Mar 14, 2019 - Douglas Mandry

Sharing here some words from Robert Shore, who wrote the foreword of my newly published and first book «Equivalences», designed by Nicolas Polli and published by RVB BOOKS.


«In «Equivalences», we see the original photographs, and then see them again in altered states, with their layers of cyan, magenta, yellow and black variously exposed to view, like geological heatmaps. Mandry likes the physicality of analogue photography. ‘It has some randomness, a sort of loss of control,’ he says. ‘It is chemistry, and almost magic in a way.’ He likes mechanical techniques too, slowly and carefully exploring their value to the photographer.

If the original pictures are the artist’s interpretations of geographical reality, the variants that result from the examination of offset printing’s potentialities could be classified as machine-driven reinterpretations of the artist’s work. Playfully, the printer’s operations allow new shapes and, in a Stieglitzian manner, equivalences to appear, with the book finally documenting a journey – but not a physical one taken through a real, human landscape, but rather a colourful shuttling through more alien, uninhabited climes – there are no humans here – moving between technological exploration and surreal fantasy.»


Find out more about the book here.