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10 Themes I See In My Work

Feb 23, 2021 - Matthew Shain

1. Vacancy/Absence
2. Coincidence and the Everyday
3. Displacement/Decontextualization
4. Mistakes, Clues, Secrets
5. Accumulation/Debris
6. Lyricism
7. Connection/Disconnection
8. Opacity
9. Latency
10. Metaphor


I strongly suggest making this list for your own art practice. It isn’t as easy as it looks and can be rather illuminating. Getting to 10 is hard enough, but then you’ll probably discover redundancies. Those will force further examination and reconsideration, making 10 even harder to reach. Or you may have the opposite problem and not be able to limit the list to 10, but we all know that being a determined editor is just as important as being a voracious gatherer.