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Switzerland’s Finest

Jul 11, 2016 - Younès Klouche

With this work, I studied how swiss people display their mountains for touristic purposes. I didn’t focus on the actual tourists, but the helvetic way of transporting them from point A to a very elevated point B. There is images describing multiple distant places in the country. I arranged them together to create some kind of a twin peaks idea in the swiss mountains.  The Matterhorn for instance, is the most iconic mountain and can be seen at the center of absolutely every window in Zermatt. Even a small skylight in a self service cafeteria shows the very impressive mountain. The whole village is built around it giving the mountain a panoptical value. In a remote place of the country there is a palace with it’s own private ski slopes and a monorail cabine with leather seats to go from the lobby to the top of the hill. By sequencing photographs of this subject, I build a fictive place made with fragments of documentary imagery. Like a « mise-en-scène » that questions the evolving genre of the reportage. –Younès Klouche