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About Daughters

Aug 01, 2017 - Jannike Stelling

I noticed Clara Bahlsen has been featured in Der Greif some years ago with another project of her already. Anyways I would like to introduce her series Töchter (Daughters) which has drawn my attention on her. The pictures deal with the question of origin and family and its individual value for biography and identity. It is about what choices we make, what we take and what we leave behind. How do we tell our story? Through the tension between understanding and knowledge, presence and absence, questions are raised that describe the topic and incorporate the viewer into the series.Clara creates two artistic positions: she photographed young women standing on the cusp of becoming a mother from a daughter herself. In comparison we see pictures of constructed house sculptures, made of stones Clara has found on the streets. The work is about revealing inner worlds and definitely worth a view. Also in the version of her self-published book.