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About stopping the machine

Jan 12, 2018 - Tania Franco Klein

My latest series Our Life In The Shadows grew in a very natural way. I was first working on a different project centered around the topic of the world as entertainment and the way we consume it (which I will probably come back in a point). But my circumstances and the ones of the people around me pulled me little by little into another direction and I allowed the project to grow on its own. I think is important to always listen to yourself in terms of which project is more important for you in the moment to grow as a person, not only as a photographer. At the time, I was really anxious about the world, I constantly felt conflicted and split into the person I thought I was supposed to be and the things I thought were the ones I should pursue with a constants guilt of feeling that anything I did was never enough, and the other part of me of wanting to completely vanish from the system and just find my own peace —and so were most of the people around me— so I decided to get deep into my own experience.


Is as if my work is just another way to get deep into myself to push me to other directions.  Every time I make a project I dismember every emotion that I go through into pieces to find the reason why I am feeling this or that way about the world around me, about myself and in my personal relationships, but also to try and understand why there is a huge wave of emotional breakdown in the people that surrounds me, and what is the social tissue that is supporting that state.