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Adél Koleszár – New Routes of Faith

Mar 05, 2016 - Gábor Arion Kudász

Adél Koleszár is attracted by the brutal, the disfigured, the outcast, and I'm attracted by the in-to-your-face and all-secrets-told mentality of her addictive pictures. In the last couple years she moved to Mexico to shoot gangs, sects and in general people you don't really want to meet on the street late at night. At the moment Adél and her friend do a project at the northern border region working together with very poor local communities of Mexicali-Baja California, Nogales-Sonora, Ciudad Juáres-Chihuahua. They offer photography workshops for free starting February until April 2016, they want to open a way for people to express frustration and difficulties of living on the border with the US via art: 'At the beginning of this year we traveled together throughout some of the northern states of Mexico and what we realized through the people we met on that trip was that many of the locals in these towns really wanted to tell their stories and share their experiences with outsiders. We feel they could benefit from learning a new way to express themselves and to document the reality of living in such zones. Not only because of being on the frontline of a drug and migration war, but also the affects that the border weighs on the population as a physical and cultural division. There are very few options for artistic studies in these regions, places to exhibit artwork or artistic communities to be part of.' You can get in touch with them here and learn about the project by watching their campaign video here. See the works of Adél Koleszár here and follow her blog here. Cool stuff.