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AI as an Instrument of Fiction

Oct 04, 2021 - Maximilian Koppernock

How often is something we perceive as new really the continuation of an age-old story? The Wolpertinger is said to be a hybrid between deer and hare, sometimes also duck, ferret and various other animals. Its origins are unclear, but it does inhabit the region of southern Germany I call home, or at least the souvenir shops to be found there. Stuffed versions of it are sold to tourists as an example of ‘local wildlife’. In the photos of Bye Bye Butterfly this folklore of the Wolpertinger is spun again with the threads of modern day technology. What first seems like the depiction of a familiar animal is soon exposed to be manipulated, distorted and confusing. This time, fictions are produced not by human imagination, but by AI-processing. Numerous pictures are reassembled into a new being that draws upon so many stories and yet demands a new one. It hints at a folklore of the future, one of digital wildlife, of wild-generation and generated life.