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Aljoscha – Bioism

Jul 25, 2015 - Aleksei Kazantsev

One year ago, on my short visit to friends in Düsseldorf, I had a chance to get acquainted with a very interesting person. Let me present to you Aljoscha, bio-futurist, creator of new living forms, artist and scientist. Here is what Aljoscha says about his work: "bioism or biofuturism represents my attempt to create new living forms and a new aesthetics of future organic life. bioism is a way to develop art objects which express visual possibilities of synthetical biology. bioism is an effort to produce art based on vitality, multiplicity and complexity. I regard each of my works as a living being. bioism extends life to lifeless subjects. personally, I believe that in the future, in the wake of a biological revolution, we will use living furniture, dwell in living houses, and travel in space using living stations. but the most exciting thing will be the ability of artists to work with living substances, thereby constructing new forms of life. the artistic act will acquire the practical sense of birth. fantastical might be reactions of art object to its creator and surroundings. art museums of the future could turn into zoological gardens, galleries into new life diversity funds, ateliers into biological laboratories. bioism aims to spread new and endless forms of life throughout the universe." Aljoscha's website: