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Every week an artist whose single image was published by Der Greif is given a platform in which to blog about contemporary photography.


Mar 08, 2018 - Vytautas Kumza

I thought that it would be great to start my blog with the most important space for an artist – a studio. Here I present a video of Tom Sachs “Ten Bullets”. It is an instruction how to navigate and use his work space for the visitors, it’s an homage to corporate instruction videos.


Tom Sachs is one of my favorite artists and he engages with high art, disposable consumer culture, and everything in between. Critiquing the speed and regularity with which a materialistic society replaces commodities, Sachs uses both a profusion of commercial icons in his work and builds his own functioning versions of consumer goods using re-purposed items, such as the glossy, black Prada Toilet (1997), a workable toilet constructed out of Prada’s up-market packaging, with the company’s logo prominently displayed on the sculpture. Sachs’s works are emphatically process-oriented, an expression of the artist’s DIY spirit, divulging even the flaws of his complex and labor-intensive projects. On ongoing theme in Sachs’ work is outer space. He has said that “NASA is the ultimate status symbol in technology, the highest technology.”