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Ashley Catharine Smith – This is How We Spend Time Together These Days

Jul 26, 2018 - Aaron Wax

For my first post here I would like to introduce Ashley Catharine Smith’s project This is How We Spend Time Together These Days. Smith is a New York based artist working in photography, video, and fibers. Through the combination of these mediums she creates melodramatic depictions of relationships, sex, and gender. Her work is driven by her desire to unpack how societal expectations of gender norms affect our interpersonal relationships and sense of self. It also aims to construct moments of closeness with the subjects of her photographs though their printed image.

Smith’s images live in the intersection of photography and sculpture. Through an intervention on the surface of the print Smith creates a new reality. These photographs speak to a shift in perception that can occur when viewing images of our past. Smith explores the complexity of romantic relationships, by depicting intimate moments with a additional element of fibers seemingly growing from the surface of the photograph.

Smith earned her MFA in Photography, Video & Related Media from the School of Visual Arts. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States at the Society for Contemporary Craft, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and the Knockdown Center among others. She is currently an adjunct photography professor at Drexel University and an instructor at the International Center of Photography.

To view more work by Ashley Catharine Smith please visit her website here.