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Every week an artist whose single image was published by Der Greif is given a platform in which to blog about contemporary photography.

Barbara Proschak

Oct 26, 2013 - Andrea Grützner

After showing you Renke's work, who is attacking and partly destroying his pictures with different kinds of fluids, cigarettes and scissors and currently working with collage techniques as well, I would like to introduce you to Barbara Proschak. She ist also thinking about and working with cuttings and different layers on the picture in a open way. Doing so, she is questioning the fragmentation of the body with the focus on skin.Using the negative as a carrier, she is transferring the structure of the skin. These small structures can transform in different ways and can get huge in the printing process. Since I have got to know her, she has constantly been investigating in themes around skin, skin print and photographic print (traces), women, the body and maps, using mixed techniques. By doing so, she is creating and discovering a very personal world related to wide landscapes, maps, universe and medical science. After finishing her Bachelor's degree in Bielefeld, she went to Leipzig, where she is currently studying in the class of Tina Bara at the HGB. I will show you pictures from her ongoing series 'Dermatografien' (since 2011) and 'In toto' (since 2012). Barbara about 'Dermatografien': „To coalesce. To leave an index in the world.Landscapes should be conquered and traveled. Clouds hanging in the air, floating above the ground, clinging and lingering on the basement. A cartographic surface is formed where the skin of the world meets the skin of the self. The horizon disappears and rises simultaneously.“

The photographic negative is a medium carrying information. To touch it with blank hands usually is not wanted. The film of the skin (fat) stays as a structure print on the negative and becomes an index, a picture too. The structure of the skin on the emulsion can look like clouds or a landscape, constantly changing. Standing in front of the big picture, I get the feeling, that I'm looking on a macula where something really deep is behind the surface.

 You can see more projects on her homepage: