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Becoming Martian (Mars ascending), after the ‘Angry Black Snake’

Feb 25, 2021 - Michael Corridore

More often than not, I work on projects in tandem over extended periods of time. Self-imposed deadlines help me to prepare a methodical approach to a theme that I choose to probe, document and edit. A deadline can be a moving target, depending on how your work is progressing. I only have myself to answer to after all, but the deadlines serve a purpose in the way I approach my work.


This project, in basic terms, stems from a thought I had as a child, that Mars was once a thriving planet like the Earth had before industrialisation and became uninhabitable through a climate crisis inflicted by its own population. Yes, it’s a naïve and a far-fetched concept, but we only have to look around our world to see the avoidable damage being created by human intervention. Sustainability and the pressure of short-sighted business practices dedicated to consumption as a means of economic survival is a paradox. Protecting the earth is a problem when it comes to turning a quick buck.


I’ll expand on these topics in the forthcoming posts.