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Beyond The Sky And Sea

Nov 27, 2022 - Eric Asamoah

There was a time when he was fascinated by unknown places. He poured over maps, looking for places he had never been and daydreaming of visiting them someday. He envisioned great adventures in these places, imagining what it would be like to experience their beauty first-hand. As long as he can remember, the desert has been his home. He never knew anything else. But now he was leaving. He was leaving for a new life, a life far from the desert. He didn‘t know what to expect, but he seemed ready for it, ready for anything. He said goodbye to his home, the moon and the sun. He bid his farewell to the desert creatures, then left. 

The desert would never forget him.”

An excerpt out of my upcoming project, Beyond The Sky And Sea, published by Verlag für moderne Kunst. Out in the world December 2022.