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Blue as an Inspiration

Jul 06, 2018 - Tine Bek

Blue is a great colour and there are so many great blue things around. Without sounding too childish I would like this second post to be about my love for blue, the best of colours really.

Always having a soft spot for that particular colour probably came very early on since i was born by the sea and spend most of my childhood at the beach. Later on when in arts school I became more aware of the history of this brilliant colour, and with my Barok project blue became the cover colour that frames and sets the tone for the whole book.


Here are some blue facts I found on the internet and which I thought are too good to not share:


1. In ancient Rome, blue was associated with barbarians. Wearing blue was looked down on as a sign of eccentricity or mourning, and blue eyes were considered a sign of bad character or a physical deformity.

2. The uses and meanings of blue in Europe shifted sharply when it became the color of Mary’s cloak during the development of the cult of the Virgin in the twelfth century. From depictions of Mary, blue spread to other religious imagery.

3. Because of the low usage of blue in ancient Greek and Rome, researchers in the 1800s wondered if the ancient Greeks and Romans could even see the color blue. (They could.)

4. More than half of American adults today say blue is their favorite color.

These great facts are found here 


Lastly I would like to share some quotes from a book by Maggie Nelson a American writer. The book is titled Bluets and includes great poems and short snippets from the writers life all dealing with or somehow relating to the idea of blue.