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Blue Boy KL – Leafhopper

Jun 18, 2018 - Jose David Valiente

David Simon Martret & Blanca Galindo (1984) are a documentary photography duo working together as Leafhopper and currently living between Barcelona and Kuala Lumpur. David Simon Martret studied philosophy at UB and photography at IEFC. Blanca obtained her Media degree at UAB and University of California SB, expanding her photo studies at IDEP and Cienojos’s Invernadero Grant. They combine assignments and personal projects. Their photography works and articles explore human adaptation in controversial politico-social environments, creating critical and self-reflexive documents. Particularly interested in exploring the concept of identity in marginal contexts, their work has appeared in media such as VICE, Aint Bad, Fisheye Magazine, Yet Magazine, Playground Magazine, Yorokobu, El País Semanal, Bust Magazine, Darwin Magazine, Humble Arts Foundation or JUICE Magazine Malaysia.

Their work has also been exhibited at festivals such as Encontros da Imagem, PhotoIreland, Obscura Photofestival, Scan Festival, Art Photo Barcelona or Visa pour l’image OFF. Their project on a gay and transgender nightclub, operating on the fringes of the law in Kuala Lumpur, was selected as part of Photoespaña’s Descubrimientos 15, and was subsequently picked up by the Institute Artist Stories agency. Their last work It’s a Wonderful Life it is a visual essay about general addictions and was finalist at Gomma Photography Grant 2017.

Blue Boy KL is a photographic project depicting an LGBT nightclub from the 80’s in Malaysian capital city, Kuala Lumpur. 

Beyond claiming gender and sexual freedom, this club existence is one more trace that corruption goes further than moral laws, and religion can be used as an extortion tool. 

Between the dark walls of Blue Boy, fiction and real life get mixed under a controlled freedom.