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Book Out of Sight 2/2

Jun 29, 2018 - Ville Kumpulainen

Something breaks through the surface, or is just about to burst out—a nameless shimmer. In the black-and-white collage photographs of Out of Sight, the layers of being and memory are intertwined. Fragments of objects and humans cut out from the photos, as if multiple temporalities coexisted within the same sentence.


There are faceless heads, lonely hands that are gesturing, and feet we witness pacing out of the picture. The holes that open up in place of the missing limbs are tunnels to yesterday, or inward. The relics of the real force the viewer to admit that existence is like a sequence of tugs and disconnections. We are dealing with the problem of naming; the images will take you in front of the metaphorical chasm.


Torso-ness and metaphorical extensions recur in Out of Sight; the images say something other than what they show. The layers of the mind are ubiquitous, and yet they are forever without location.

Part of the essay  Out of Sight

Written BY Tiina Lehikoinen