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This is my cave and I feel great in it!

Mar 24, 2017 - Rachele Monti

My project “Longeva sutura erosiva” can’t be considered complete if I don’t show you the way I prefer and I would always want to share it. I believe that there are different ways of expression apart from the two-dimensional idea of classical photography and installation is one of those. I had the chance to show my project in several exhibitions, being able to focus on the installation allowed me to understand how to use the space as an integral part of my work. I found the chance to create a tangible space that goes beyond what is represented on the photographs and allows the audience to interact with it. This new space is a cave full of bright colours and overwhelming patterns that put the spectator in a place where he is obligated to feel part of the artwork. I want to trigger the viewer with the the hidden emotions I am trying to show. The notion of space is something that I want to further explore and that certainly will have a significant importance in my future projects.

The pictures above are showing the installation I did for the collective exhibition “Sê plural como o universo!” hosted by La Rada, Locarno, Switzerland. In the following quote, the explanation about the concept of the exhibition by the curator Carolina Sanchez:

“Man and nature: two realities linked since forever; one inside the other, interdependent. This universe manifests itself in vanishing phenomenons, which appear and disappear within seconds, leaving it up to interpretation and your own perception: by feelings, dreams, fears and visions.

Sê plural como o universo!, a collective exhibition, is tied to the Fernando Pessoa’s famous aphorism, which strongly defines the Portuguese poets’ ideal – the heteronomy of characters, styles and inspirations – la rada’s spaces will open up to different mediums: photography, collages, fashion, music and installations. The artistic responses will create an heterogeneous ensemble: different synergies will communicate through sensorial experiences, nodding at each other in brief similar nuances. A sound will surround and create the mysticism of the exhibition: a journey dictated by the chromatic contrast, between light and darkness, density and asepsis. Intriguing, showing new research and developments that relate to the universe, thus creating a sensory journey through the eyes of these artists.”