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© Caroline Heinecke - Master of Things, Company clocks collection: House of Frank Ochmann

Company clock collection of Frank Ochmann

Dec 17, 2020 - Caroline Heinecke

Welcome to a journey through time in space.
The stage is set in the tranquil town of Olbersdorf, a Saxon municipality in the district of Görlitz. Since 1994, Frank Ochmann has been conducting his personal ballet here of meanwhile 500 clocks, which continuously rotate in unison and clockwise for him & his visitors. The ensemble is international. It includes the world's largest collection of company clocks from GDR production, as well as clocks from France, England, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Despite occasional disagreements among themselves, they all tick very similarly. 

© Caroline Heinecke - Master of Things, Company clocks collection

The centrepiece and at the same time his favourite object is the large “clock centre”.
It also does most of the work for him, such as changing from summer to winter time.
Nevertheless, Frank personally sets all his clocks to the same time every Sunday after breakfast, and this can drag on into the afternoon.

Frank Ochmann, former finance director of a demolition company, began his collecting career when many businesses ceased to exist in the mid-1990s. Spontaneously and reflexively, he initially saved his own company’s clocks from their final decommissioning. Little by little, he rescued more and more clocks from very different businesses, and so the number grew visibly in a very short time.

© Caroline Heinecke - Master of Things, Company clocks collection: Frank Ochmann