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Concentric Circles, Roni Horn’s ‘Pi’

Nov 25, 2017 - Luke Withers

Whilst researching for my Wireless project I was introduced to the work of American artist Roni Horn, in particular her Icelandic photographic series ‘Pi’. It’s a ‘a description of the island´s unique characteristics’, encompassing the experience of island life and confounding on the impossibility of seeing the Arctic Circle. As the name suggests, the series encompasses cyclical themes at a range of levels including the island, the seasons, and the Arctic Circle itself. Horn depicts images of the interior; the wildlife, the tundra, the homes, and snapshots from the most prominent television show, ‘Guiding Light’. These all sit alongside portraits of individuals who inhabit the land and experience its cycles, but she also looks outward to visualise the islands fringes; the coastline and the seas that surround it.

The island experience is reflected in the exhibition layout, where the images are displayed linearly, slightly above the eye level of the viewer, and are placed in a kind of ‘rhythm’ rather than a narrative, which is cyclical, and close-ended. In this way, the viewer becomes immersed in a sea of photographs, as if they were themselves looking outwards from Horn’s Icelandic concentric circle.