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Concerning Water

Nov 12, 2019 - Bryson Rand

Since childhood I have been drawn to water. When I was eight years old I joined the swim team and being the pool became offered quiet and solitude, a space where I could lose myself in the rhythms of swimming laps for hours and let my mind wander off. The physicality of water is an ever shifting fascination; at times it inspires calm, at other times terror, and has been a consistent subject starting with my first attempts at photography as a teenager. Beginning as something I was instinctually drawn to photograph, water has become a physical and symbolic presence in my work. Water as a life force, something essential to our existence, is ever present, and I have recently become fascinated with the power of water to transform literally and through the nature of photography. Appearing as chunks of an iceberg in Iceland, mist thrown into the air from a water fall, washing down the back of a freshly shaved head, soaking into the sand and eroding the beach in Fire Island, or as an unseen element giving life to trees, water represents the shifting, cyclical nature of life. While it serves as a reminder of humans’ connection to the planet and our desire to constantly move forward, water also embodies the anxiety I feel around the rapidly escalating destruction of our climate and ecosystems. I feel the need to photograph places like Fire Island and Iceland, and attempt to capture the magic and history these space contain, as a way to document and preserve them before they are irreversibly altered or destroyed all together.