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Coral Tangerine

Jun 17, 2019 - Louisa Boeszoermeny

This is an excerpt of my (potentially on-going) series “Coral Tangerine”. It depicts my grandma who moved to Berlin in December 2015 at the age of 92. She first stayed with my aunt and cousin to then move to a nursing home. The repetitions in the portraits illustrate the image she liked to present to others: A version of herself that granted her to feel safe but which isolated her, too. Having moved 5 times within the past 5 years, she had to call a variety of places her home which was especially hard for her since she’s always felt a strong bond towards her chosen surrounding. Whenever she had to leave her home, she reacted intensely with psychosis, immense fear and anxiety. Due to the lack of finances my aunt and mother have taken care of her most of the time and I tried to help as far as I could. My grandma has been feeling very close to me in the past years and I’ve become her confidant. Working on the series has become part of our relationship and a means for me to cope with the often times demanding situation.


I see this body of work as a seeking for traces and reflexion of my own biography and identity as well as a way of approaching more universal topics such as aging, mental health, health care, family and subliminal dynamics.


She passed away recently which makes me rethink how I want to present and compile the series. I have loads of photos and footage that still needs to be evaluated. She gave her consent for me to use the material but not being able to consult her anymore makes me reflect on the responsibility I feel to show her in a way that doesn’t feel exploitative or voyeuristic. Navigating through those concerns while pursuing an artistic vision seems to be challenging often.