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Corso del Popolo

Dec 06, 2019 - Jason Koxvold

Aldo Varisco was a stoic man, not known for his patience. He lived in a beautiful old apartment in Chioggia, a short boat ride from Venice, that we would visit as children. The apartment was directly above a bakery on the Corso del Popolo, the heat from which made it impossible to sleep in the hot summer months, and it had a very specific smell.


After his death in 1988, we found a cache of weapons including explosives and rifles in the attic of his apartment; the local police brought in an EOD unit to remove the material safely. I remember enjoying the drama of it, and my mother told stories of how he had avoided capture by the occupying Nazi forces by stepping out of the window when they searched his home.


Much later, I discovered that he had written a series of diaries about his experiences in the Resistance. They were typewritten; I am not fluent in Italian, but eventually a great-uncle translated them, and I started to reconstruct imagery from the stories while in the process of reading and editing them.