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Distractions Continuing

Feb 04, 2019 - Jagoda Wisniewska

On finding a good working environment and what does this mean?


For someone who works without 3rd party time-frame, without an office or a studio it takes some extra care in creation of a good working environment. For those who have hard time staying focused on one activity for significant period of time, (like myself) it is even more important to take care of yourself and equipped your-working-self with some proper working space gear. What you will need is a pure white wall that accepts masking tape. You will need a surface that can be called a desk or a table, ideally with a comfortable (enough) chair that comes with it. Perhaps you do not like to restrict yourself with furniture- that is fine. You then need some floor that accepts your body. Perhaps you need much longer list of items in order to call it a good working space. That is fine. Do not add any distractions onto that list. Take care of your working space by not having too many not-working items in or around the space. Even unwanted sound of a boiling water can add the dark chaos into this fragile environment.