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Jun 11, 2021 - Anne Lass

In 2007-08 another big crisis hit the world – the financial crisis. This fostered many discussions about the gap between the rich and the poor, the value of money and protest movements like Occupy Wall Street arose. I became interested in investigating spaces related to money or wealth, but soon found out that these places were quite impossible to access.
Luckily I entered a gambling den in my neighborhood in Berlin and was blown away by the light, colors and symbolism of fortune.
“Gambling halls live on illusions: they promise fortune and wealth, yet reality is the players’ misery. Most of Berlin’s roughly 500 casinos are located in the poorer districts of the city, one hundred of them Anne Lass visited for her series Triple Seven.
Human beings do not appear in these documentary-like photographs, and yet the pictures are charged with emotions. The emptiness and desolation of the scenery reflect the loneliness of the gamblers, their constantly renewed hope and the imperative fall. Anne Lass stresses the situation’s hopelessness with bottleneck situations: closed doors, windows without views, impenetrable walls and corners define endpoints.
However, there is also another side. The photographs themselves are perfect works of art with balanced compositions and colour arrangements that remind us of the great works of colour field painting. Anne Lass puts the truthfulness and beauty of her art against the deceit of the casinos. And what is more: the photos do not denounce, they take the gamblers’ wishes and desires seriously. As wrong as they might be, they have a sincere core: the hope for a better life, the longing for some happiness.”
Excerpt from a text about the work “Triple Seven” written by Ernst Busche, 2016