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The egg, the chicken, Kanye West and Nike

Jan 13, 2019 - Amy Li

One morning, I was making breakfast and while I watched the eggs cook on the stove, I started to think about which came first. Was it the chicken or was it the egg? It is an age old paradox. The chicken cannot exist without the egg. And the egg cannot exist without a chicken laying on it.


Back in April 2018, I received a text from my best friend Jin, who lives in Portland, Oregon. She had sent me a screenshot of an Instagram post of a screenshot of Kanye West’s tweet. An image within an image. Meta theater.


The tweet was a diss at the brand new Nike M2K Tekno sneaker. Jin designed the shoe. It was her first big release.


“So Kanye West has a problem with me”.  I laughed at how absurd this whole thing was. It felt surreal.


What a time to be alive.


After all, any sneakerhead will know that the Nike M2K Tekno is based on the Nike Air Monarch aka the original. Time doesn’t lie. 


In the end, none of this shit matters. Who cares.