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Elejandro Martinez

Feb 21, 2020 - Dustin Thierry

Living in a time, a time where they are stuck on the idea of being equal.
Cyberly equal…
They want to equal what they see on their screens; nothing is real ‘cause they don’t care to see.
Everything they see points right back at them, making them feel the urge to be equal.
Everything they see, they believe; nothing left to imagine or feel…
I’m from an island though, I know the deal.
I come from a place where it’s harsh yet paradise, where reality is the norm and the way of life.
Nothing is sugarcoated, no help, not many resources, but that’s how I know it.
Nothing to fake, not many choices.
Dad always said: “Learn to do without,” so if you don’t have it, you do without it.

I can’t seem to fall for the hype, ‘cause I’m an island boy, 4 life!