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Environmental Storytelling in relation to the Photo Book

Dec 02, 2022 - Joselito Verschaeve

I spoke briefly about Environmental Storytelling in video games in one of the previous blogs, and I’d like to further explain how similar it felt to photography for me. Among many photo books, literature, and cinema, games were a big influence on me. From the storytelling, world-building, Environmental Storytelling, and immersion they delivered, to the motivation to photograph after going through these playthroughs. ‘The Last Of Us’ was one of those, even if they were to leave out the dialogue in the game, the world would have told the story on its own. It’s the way the creators made a breadcrumb trail for you to “follow” and unravel a story by roaming and looking around in the scenes. That is how I like photo books to be, readers roaming around in the delivered scenes and are able to make up the narrative by picking up the breadcrumbs the artist left behind. 

( place underneath the photo: Screenshots from ‘The Last of Us II’, Courtesy © SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT AMERICA LLC  )