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Esoconcerto: I. Allegro Molto

Sep 22, 2022 - Rosa Lacavalla

«If the record is a photo, I don’t want a perfect photo, but I want a photo of which the audience, the listener can magically feel part of that photo, the protagonist of that photo, can feel inside that photo. […]
My culture of sound does not include embellishments, but enveloping the listener: and letting her/him live the experience I had by being in the place where the orchestra is best heard.»
So says Ezio Bosso during an interview, one of those transcribed among the thoughts scattered in the book entitled Faccio Musica. From the first moment I listened to his music, long time ago, I always felt a certain fascination.
The track Concerto No. 1 for Violin, Strings and Timpani “Esoconcerto”: I. Allegro Molto, played by the Philharmonic of the Teatro La Fenice under his direction, is a living part of my work Sana Sana.
Reading his thoughts, I couldn’t stop thinking about how music and photography, for me, are a continuous intertwining and chasing each other. I believe that both those who write music and those who decide to tell something and/or tell about themselves with photography do it to find a link with something that is wonderfully inexplicable, giving us an immediate access point to our essence.
When we listen, when we observe, we all become that music or that image, we vibrate in the same note and in the same atmosphere.