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Have we ever played hide and seek together?

Oct 31, 2021 - Stefano Conti

For this post, I invited artist Giovanni Mantovani to write a text in response to my photographic series ‘When I killed your tulips’. Inspired by the same playful method that I employ, he picked out sentences from social media to create a puzzle, a collage of words.
Have We Ever Played Hide and Seek Together?
The only thing I know for sure is that in the second taxi I got into this year, a few days ago in Rome, I heard a voice say, “Get out of the car immediately,” (because the driver didn’t like my destination). In the previous taxi that I’d taken in Milan one night a few weeks ago, the taxi driver, while we were traveling, loudly telephoned his lover (her with green eyes and a beautiful French pronunciation of the letter “R”) to make an appointment, asking her to always use a private number when calling.
The point is that a premium service finally becomes accessible to everyone. The cost is twenty percent more than a normal taxi, in short, in the end you pay an affordable price to have an exclusive service offered by real professionals. Кстати, в апреле Питер-Хки аллегро 40 евро утренний рейс, в одну сторону! (How I liked the Fiorucci collectible cards!), I remember the particular smell of the paper they were made of, of a different consistency, more like stickers. All those who are trying it, never leave it; quartered and beheaded while eating five mandarins, they look for a studio apartment for rent in Milan for a short time (4 months), hoping that someone will help them book their beach holidays. I can say it without remorse, all my life I have not lost in this game.
Words and image by Giovanni Mantovani