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Untitled - from the series "Chrysalises"
Untitled - from the series "A bloom in the eye of the storm"

Every project has its beginning

Mar 14, 2020 - Guillaume Tomasi

When I start a project, I always start with a title. The idea of a title allows me to visualize the mood I’m going to explore, the subjects I’m going to research and the metaphors I’m going to develop. Sometimes an image says it all. For me it symbolizes the essence of the project and the other pictures revolve around it.


Here are two photos that are important to me. The first one gave me the aesthetic and symbolic direction I followed for my project “Chrysalises“. The second one helped me to start a reflection on the concept of  “A bloom in the eye of the storm” and to focus this work on the family point of view.


And what about you? How does a project start for you?