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Familiar Bodies

Nov 19, 2022 - Alena Schmick

A Letter to L.


You were seventeen when I first saw you, in a club surrounded by your friends. I was a photography student and I asked you if I could take your picture.


That was ten years ago, and I’ve been seeing you and photographing you ever since. I see you through my camera. I see and know your poses, your face, your body. I see how you’ve changed over the years, I see how your clothes change, your hair. I see you relocating. I see frenzied arguments. I see new men, old men, shared men. I see joint plans, I see goodbyes, separations, abortions. I see our everyday lives and again and again I see you in the photos I have taken of you over the years. I see you as a teenager and as a grown woman.


Me, the photographer, and you, the photographed, became friends.  I see your expression in the photos and I notice: over the last ten years you have seen me too.