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Every week an artist whose single image was published by Der Greif is given a platform in which to blog about contemporary photography.

As far as the eye can reach – Balazs Fromm

Mar 16, 2018 - Balázs Fromm

I would like to present my recent/ongoing series from 2k17, titled “As far as the eye can reach” in the following weekly artist blog posts.

What is the very own property of a digital image? Does the reckoning of the analogue format changed our cognition forever? What could we perceive, and how, during the vast amount of  online feeds circling through our daily basis?
As I keep asking myself these questions, I start to realise that we could think on photography as a tool. A tool, which is a reconnoiter device as well, and could reveal the hidden secrets of our present, future, and past. Also, a tool for tracking our vision, cheating our mind, and causing many specific emotions, impacts, which mostly we could not describe in single words. Photography, therefore, is a tool of language as well, merely of almost every individual human being. Yet, as a universal language, the meaning of “words” are often not the “same”, as we except.

During my project, I started building, crafting and fabricating my several “words”, so called individual messages, to be part of the photographic language. As the pictures, as individual scenarios seems quite different from each other, I need the viewers attention, him or hers own photographic language, and their toolkit , to establish a unique, unrepeatable connection between the images.
As the world wide web reduced the approach of “getting” into reality, the series deals with how could we perceive truth through images, and raises questions about whether a single photograph could still have the impact on our daily basis, or photography itself is has been reduced into a post-modern level, where the hidden message, or let’s say, “truth” or “fake” does not count anymore.