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Federal Triangle

Jun 05, 2019 - Mike Osborne

Over the next couple of days, I will post materials related to Federal Triangle, which will soon be published by Gnomic Book.


Shot in Washington, DC, over the past several years, Federal Triangle is a para-paranoid reflection on the center of American political life. The sequence of images here is drawn from the opening of the book. The pictures are set in places where news is made — the National Mall on the cusp of an inauguration, the steps of the Supreme Court — but they are far removed in spirit from the norms of journalism. The scenes are quiet, absent the fracas that feeds our media, but they are never free of tension. Their provocations lie in what is indiscernible or begs to be misread, what is unseen or absent, in what came before or after. These absences — XX’s — are unknowns, voids to be filled by one’s own projections.