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Felicity Hammond

Jul 06, 2017 - Felicia Honkasalo

Felicity Hammond



I was introduced to Felicity Hammonds work through Foam Magazines Talent Issue, and would like to share two different sets of works as part of this post.

Again focusing on the relationship between man and nature, I want to share her most recent work In Defence of Industry, 2017, which is an interesting commentary on the relationship between the industrial history and the surrounding English landscape of a particular place. Barrow-in-Furness was once the site of a remarkable mining industry, which in the twentieth century turned into an area best known as the building site of nuclear submarines.

A four meter light box shows a collage work that also reflects in a pool of water that expands into the gallery space. The industrial past is reimagined through stories, archival material and remnants of buildings as evidence in nature. The work is poetic, visually arresting whilst questioning the topical issue of how political decisions of supporting the growth of nuclear defence is changing a landscape for good.

In Public Protection, Private Collection, 2016, materials stolen from luxury development areas and materials used in construction are transformed into an installation that creates a landscape already in ruins. Borrowing the language used to describe and fantasize the new buildings by developers, the work offers a different view, a futuristic area of wreckage.