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Figure and Sensation

Oct 28, 2019 - Yana Kononova

I’d like to keep talking about my work on “Le Dépeupleur” series.


To comprehend my experience, I refer to the work of Gilles Deleuze “The Logic of Sensation”, in which the set of concepts for exploring the connection between the visual and sensation has been proposed.


The sensation in Deleuze’s sense is opposed to the dramatic, thrilling experience. The sensation is the movement on the spot, contraction and spasm in which “elementary athleticism” is born. It is different from classical athleticism overcoming the space.


The language of sensation allows you to avoid the enlivenment of the narration that correlates the experience with certain meanings. And this is the way to give the image a more immediate reality at the same time. The logic of sensation implies a Figure as its own element – the performer at the stage.


The Figure is the sensible form related to the sensation.


So the man is the Figure. The Identity is the Figure. This Figure stands, sits, lies, makes an effort or abandons it. The Figure acts on the stage or arena. The Arena is the way of isolating the Figure. But it does not limit, but, on the contrary, provokes the Figure to the specific action – to study the place and itself through various poses, movements and gestures. The means of isolation are elementary – a hay, a paper, a chair, a sofa, a room box. The arena forms the field of action. The Figure is freed from being the element of narration through the factualness of the place with which it is physically connected.


The only play that is performed on the stage is the effort or expectation.