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Foreign Fauna

Jul 09, 2018 - Tine Bek

Im very happy to share Hanne Lillee’s work with you. Hanne and I have been working on a collaboration where we investigate common interests try to link the visual language of our projects to somehow tell a new story.

Hannes work somehow reminds me both of something familiar yet oddly strange at the same time. The objects portrayed in her series Foreign Fauna are captured in such a way that they seem as if they all have their own particular traits and personalities.


Hanne Lillee is an artist based in Glasgow, originally from Norway. Her work involves the processes of sculpture making and photography, whereby the boundaries between object and subject are blurred. Looking at the reductive perceptions of femininity and nature, she explore themes of desire, anxiety, fetishisation and procreation.
The body of work titled Foreign Fauna display alienating forms in amongst an environment of know domestic textures and materials. These biomorphic shapes suggests something living, however fragmented, deformed and distorted, manifested through allusions to bodily fluids, parts or skin. This narrative strangeness evokes a recollection entangled with both attraction and repulsion simultaneously, as it imitates something mutual as well as intimate.
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