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Game Call

Feb 12, 2020 - Hana Sackler

Game Call is a three-part video that is part of the project Here, right now. In this video, layers of unsettling realities are embedded in the everyday. As a hunter uses the familiar sounds of game calls in order to draw prey closer to danger, we too are pulled in by the gradually intensifying sequence of audio and visual stimuli. Beginning with only audio, the viewer relies upon the sound to guide them through a sequence of events weaving in and out of private and public spaces. In part two the audio is replaced by moving images. One must shift their senses, relying upon the previous audible experience to inform new connections with the imagery. Part three is a combination of parts one and two as the disquieting kinetic energy of the audio and visuals blend, shifting perceptions once again. Intimate moments are revealed, subtly provoking questions, as we consider our dual roles as intruder and voyeur.