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Every week an artist whose single image was published by Der Greif is given a platform in which to blog about contemporary photography.


Aug 31, 2021 - Felix Schöppner

Growth is the decisive driving force in all conceivable systems. Growth means change, development, progress and thus also the continuation of life. In order to follow this path, I started to research nature for its growth, where it occurs and what it looks like.
Landscape photographs of national parks served as a starting point for me, as these represent a condensed form of nature in a landscape that is sometimes barely touched. From these photographs, materials collected on site and naturally produced building materials, I developed sculptures as a reinterpretation of the previously found impressions from nature. These deal with the statics and construction of nature. The resulting sculptures are rigid bodies that adapt to nature in their form. At the same time they stay in a high contrast with it through their static construction and the lack of possibility of movement.
In the further examination of the objects, I changed the materiality. The starting point for this are the classical materials in sculpture like marble and how these change the perception of the object. For this, the objects were transferred into digital space in order to change their surface, but also their scaling. With the transfer started, I also began to question the spatial perception. As a conclusion, I constructed spaces that refer to the question of what defines a space, how it defines itself and how it is processed by human perception. The resulting images are a mixture of 3D renderings and photographs that explore the interaction of space and object. Perspective and surface in relation to space and object are the main themes which I pursued in the process.
The project represents the prelude to a longer-term elaboration with the theme and is still in the making.