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Untitled from the series, Hide the Sun

Hide the Sun

Jan 22, 2019 - Paula McCartney

I began work on Hide the Sun at the start of the summer, as the garden was beginning to bloom-offering color and life that I longed for after enduring the six months of winter where I live in the Northern United States. Several weeks later, a thunderstorm went through my city and toppled over 3,000 trees within an hour. A fallen tree blocked nearly every street in my neighborhood, and one fell on our house (luckily landing on a support beam). The broken trees seemed to outnumber the blooming flowers reminding me that life is a continuous flow of growth and destruction.


          Untitled from the series, Hide the Sun


Except for one image in the series, made in Florida, the other 40 photographs were made in my neighborhood, and most in my backyard.  I like working close to home, both for its convenience and the challenge it offers to find endless worlds within a small amount of space. However, the series doesn’t document my neighborhood but rather abstracted places and scenes within my mind.  As in a dream, they are both familiar and disorientating, photographed at night with a flash or against a black background to abstract them from their natural environments, freeing them from both time and place.


Thank you to Nathalie Herschdorfer for selecting two images from this series for her Guest Room.