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I am completely invisible

Jan 29, 2019 - Ana Santos

I want to start my entry talking about “HOW NOT TO BE SEEN: A Fucking Didactic Educational MOV File” by Hito Steyerl, one of my maximun references, in which proposes different ways to disappear; To round off, reduce yourself to a pixel unit, to round off live in a fortress or be a woman over 40 years old.


Each chapter of the series I Love Dick begins with a scene of a film directed by a woman: Chantal Ackerman, Sally Poter, Naomi Uman,  among others. Female writers, filmmakers or artists, who are the beginning of a memory spell about invisibility. From the first chapter, the positions of the characters are defined within a micro-system of an art institution lost in a town in Texas that, in turn, illustrates the dynamics of the SYSTEM OF GLOBAL ART. Thus, in the series and in general, men are the recognized academics, the consecrated artists and  the visible heads. Women are the wives of, those who manage and work from a low profile, the precarious ones or those who try but fail. And always: TOO YOUNG TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY, TOO OLD TO BE VALID.


In the series, the story about the creativity and visibility of women in art is triggered at a dinner between the three main characters: the couple formed by the academician Silviere and the apparently unsuccessful filmmaker Chris Kraus, and the artist Dick. According to Dick, women are not good at art because they work from oppression. Dick is a land-art artist. Large works, straight lines – which, according to him, are perfection – owner of lands, of a collection in his name, Dick is the personification of artistic manspreading. Remember that Dick in English is a colloquial way of saying dick, so Dick is the dick. A lonely cowboy in the desert of an obsolete but dominant masculinity. Chris is Silviere’s partner, the one who accompanies him – not an entity of his own – who makes films that nobody understands. Chris becomes obsessed and falls in love with Dick, which is a bad plan for everything mentioned above.


The female lead is about forty years old. The system, which we live in. THIS FACT, THE AGE, IS NOT RANDOM. It never is.