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“I” and everything in between.

Jan 11, 2018 - Tania Franco Klein

I believe there is not bigger task in life than learning to live. We are born, we learn and then we reach a point were either we learn to deconstruct and to construct again over and over — with no particular order — or we continue to live the life we were shown to live.


We live in a really complex society. Were the idea of the self has become the center of our everyday life. The idea of the “I” as a self-directed achieving entity, always striving for more.I like to talk about life because I think art is about life itself, about the process of living, about construction and deconstruction and because time can pass and we will never get enough of the enigma of what being a human is, with everything it implies.


Social behavior in contemporary societies has always been something that I feel fascinated about, and photography became my way of investigating, observing and learning more about it. I like to think of my process and my work as a room for self reflection on contemporary life. And everything that involves being a human in today’s society and what comes with it. Our ideas of togetherness and how they find themselves disrupted by a self-centered common character.