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Inspiration forms

Jan 27, 2019 - Ana Santos

People always ask me where I get my creative inspiration from. Any form of art is an inspiration. For me,  Architecture, Film and Literature are basic. Psychology and human behavior are issues I also feel passionate about. I read a lot. Reading is knowledge, it gets you familiar with characters that lead you to unexpected places. Anne Sexton, for example. Her writing made my stomach cringe, but in a positive way. Reading her autobiography in letters and understanding her complex reality was a very authentic experience. As I said earlier, watching films is very important for a photographer. I watch movies every day. You need to watch all sorts of things in order to enrich your inner world and create a personal visual archive that you can use in your creative process.


Art must have a multidimensional meaning: poetic, social, personal, aesthetic and strategic one. The idea behind it must have a structure that makes sense and is attractive. One that makes us leave our comfort zone. It is very very complicated to achieve it these days. Now everything has already been done and it is so difficult to innovate. A photograph must have visual presence, but also go beyond its frame, this is what I think at least. And in order to get this right, you need guiding references. It’s impossible to make a list and I hate lists, but let me mention some names. People that create eye candy for me: Andreas Gursky, Aino Kannisto, Sagmeister & Walsh, Edward Burtynsky, David Hockney, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Cecilia Paredes, Philipe Dujardin, the Dusseldorf league, Todd Hido, Stephen Shore, Javier Vallhonrat, Pedro Almodóvar, Paolo Sorrentino, Victor Vassarely, my father … The list is almost endless!