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Jul 21, 2015 - Dominic Hawgood

114_Install   For my solo show in London at TJ Boulting (pictured above) I worked backwards from a render of the space, and slowly made the space feel like a render. I found it unnerving to stand in the exhibition when it was finished and painted perfectly white, for me it was like stepping into a computer, into the render.  Something about the process was surreal and I wondered how this had affected the outcome, what did working in this way do?  When I documented the space my photos looked like renders, reality it seemed was blurring.   Below is a screen grab from a panoramic I shot of the gallery prior to installing, and below that the render I worked from which mapped the space precisely.  What this virtual visualisation allowed me to do was test lighting scenarios prior to set building to ensure my chosen setup would work as desired. LIGHTING_005   The solo show currently at Oonagh Young also operated in a similar way, and in the 1st slide show you can see some of the build start to finish.  There's my initial visit to the gallery where I shot a panoramic for planning purposes, some rough sketches, snaps taken during the making, and kitchen references (when designing the look for the space I kept on coming back to modern kitchens for inspiration as I liked how the harsh LED's reflected in the floor, also the cold clinical feeling that was communicated through these sterile environments).  In the slide show below are images produced from my current show.