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Every week an artist whose single image was published by Der Greif is given a platform in which to blog about contemporary photography.


May 15, 2019 - Celine Bodin

My practice is centered on the study of gender in western culture, and more specifically the elements constituting the cult of femininity. My general research is largely based on the writings of Simone de Beauvoir, John Berger, and Julia Kristeva. I only work with women, simply because it is what I know. Same goes for Western culture: it wouldn’t feel legitimate for me to speak for cultures I have not experienced. In that sense the work is semi autobiographical.


All my series stem from specific themes, and images vary with each model. Control is very apparent in the final visual; but my approach is almost experimental and at times totally dependent on the models reactions.
My projects all interrogate the representation of women across time and explore the construction of womanhood, in response to the pressure of customs, social expectations, beauty dictates, religious righteousness, the legacy of art history and historical representations of women, as well as the mystification of the fragmented body: as an erotic entity and a sacred incarnation. Overall, objectification and the body’s performative quality are central subjects to my work, as well as notions of archetypes and fantasised projection (both from self and viewer). Recurring themes are: the weight of visual traditions, hair, the symbolism of wedding dresses, the white colour as a symbol of purity. And more specifically the duality of female attributes: sensuality vs. spirituality for example.
My images aim to reveal our tendency to consider identities as types, and our mind’s powerful associative aptitude, while monitoring our curiosity and obsessive relationship towards the medium and its relationship to identity and the self.