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Every week an artist whose single image was published by Der Greif is given a platform in which to blog about contemporary photography.
Untitled, acrylic, spray paint and silkscreen on canvas, 200x150 cm, 2016 courtesy of the artist and Kalfayan Galleries, Athens-Thessaloniki.

iPhones and Mirrors

Oct 08, 2017 - Nikolas Ventourakis

With Panos we met by chance at an art show in Los Angeles. He was doing an art residency at the Hooper Projects in downtown LA, having been invited to spend a few month there and produce new work in a huge studio space. Panos had studied in Vancouver and was living in New York before coming to California, so he was not coping that well with the eternal heat of the place. He invited me over to his studio to see the work-in-progress pieces. I immediately fell in love with them, being big layered canvases of black on black. His process is that he creates compositions of mirrors, inspired by the myth of Narcissus, and then photographs them using an iPhone instead of a high end camera, the tool that we use as our modern day mirror. He then prints the image, rephotographs it, reprints it again and again, until all reflectivity of the mirrors disappears. I was amazed by the fact that he was doing such dark work in a place like Los Angeles, nevertheless it made sense; The city of angels is boiled in vanity juices. Panos is an artist that works with a multitude of media. Photography has never been in the centre of his praxis, however, it has informed his latest works – including XAOS, and the now famous series of New York Times front pages covered in golden leafs. I enjoy very much looking at the work and even more to see how he uses the medium that I have the greater experience in, for he has no reservations from his formal training in how a camera and an image can be transformed and reformatted.


Panos Tsagaris (b. 1979, Athens, Greece), lives and works in New York and Los Angeles. Tsagaris received his BFA from the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in Vancouver, Canada. His artworks are part of public and private collections and his solo and group shows are too many to list here but are easy to find online if one is interested to check his bio. He is represented by Kalfayan Galleries, Athens and Thessaloniki.