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I’ve Built My Nest High In Our Oak

Mar 30, 2021 - Michael Swann

To ascend is to rise, an action of upward directionality. From this higher vantage point we can see for hundreds of miles, a much greater distance than those who remain un-ascended. What lies beyond the horizon line for those on the ground, can be seen by those above; the ascended are privy to a clearer visual of the future of whatever orientation those on the ground embody.
To ascend is to rise, an action of rebirth. Like Lazarus, the risen find new life, free of the illnesses and shackles of their previous existence. Rebirth carries with it a renewed hope, a renewed vision of the future, a renewed image of utopia, a renewed relation to the self.
To ascend is to rise, an action of coming into consciousness. We move from dream to reality, from sleep to awake, and we open our eyes to the glow of morning. We proceed to orient ourselves in space and time. Awakening brings with it potentiality, clarity and momentum; a realisation that the state we arose from was little more than a temporary confinement.
I’ve built my nest high in our oak, a secure home with a vantage point that can see for miles by the crisp light of morning. Sometimes I look back down to the ground and think of how high I have climbed.