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Jo Broughton

Jul 11, 2017 - Francesca Catastini

I got to know Jo Broughton’s series Empty Porn Sets last year, thanks to Federica Chiocchetti (aka The Photocaptionist) and one of her curatorial endeavors, Feminine Masculine.

Jo documented empty porn sets photographing them when filming was over and everyone was gone. This series, shot from 1995 till 2007, draws up a catalogue of Western sexual fantasies with their load of kitsch and stereotypes. We don’t see any human beings, nor any actions involving them, but I guess all the details detectable in these images are more brutally candid than some actors caught while performing their roles.

One of the many things I find interesting of this work is a kind of “regression” one can trace in the design of these scenarios: pastel-coulored balloons, a classroom, pig pink walls and beds, a hospital room where to play doctor… There’s of course a strong typification and a reduction to basic clichés behind these fetishistic settings and it’s curious how adult films seem influenced in some ways by a sort of childish set of images.